Polish consulate attack in Lutsk:Ukraine provides new theory

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Polish consulate attack in Lutsk:Ukraine provides new theory

Postby JanekAdamski » Fri, 7 April 2017, 09:28

Polish consulate attack in Lutsk: Ukraine provides new theory of the overnight shelling


Unofficially. The Ukrainian Media offered a new version of the attack on the Polish Consulate General committed overnight in the northwestern Ukrainian city of Lutsk on March 29 causing heated debate on Ukrainian social networks. Ukraine in its anti-Polish hysteria has gone irretrievably mad - it may even seem that a couple of Hollywood's best screenwriters have gone missing somewhere in Ukraine and are now sending us signs. So according to the new version, the overnight attack was FAKE, in fact it was staged by the Poles themselves. The shelling is considered to be the scene played by the Consulate security guardians that had a day off on March 29. Quite predictably the ultimate aim of the show was to accuse Ukrainian nationalists of committing the attack and of provoking hatred towards Polish minority in Ukraine. Finally the Poles from the position of victims wanted to get back to the sore territorial disputes with renewed vigor. As is often... the stupidest ever theory resonates, gets immediate response, and keeps on gaining popularity in social network communities uniting dickhead radical Ukrainians.

Now officially. On March 29 Poland attacked Poland in Ukraine to accuse Ukrainians of attacking a part of Poland so that Ukrainians could accuse Poland of provocation, while Poland wanted to accuse Ukraine first... and only after it Poland wanted me to post this text. Idiots.
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